Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dazzle Review: NARS I Will Survive Set

Hello again everybody!

In my previous post I did a mini haul on the NARS products that I got. These are my first NARS products that is why I am so excited about them!

I got them from Nordstrom for $55 through House of Flair's preorder system since I cannot access Nordstrom locally.

Included in this value set are three products: NARS blush in Deep Throat, lipgloss in Deep Throat, which is exclusive to this set and Velvet Matte lip pencil in Sex Machine. I know, the names are a bit awkward. When you receive this set, you will see that it is housed in a NARS box. Inside, the products are safely situated in a black foam with a velvet material at the front.  Now onto the review:

1. Deep Throat Blush
front part of packaging
back part of packaging

 This products retails for $27 individually all year round. It has 4.8g of product which is too little of a product for its price in my opinion. Then again, I purchased the set because of this due to the fact that NARS blushes are really a cult favorite. I decided that I want to give it a chance.

Deep Throat is described as a peach color with shimmer by Sephora and a flirty, sheer peach by NARS. I would describe it as a blend of peach and pink with gold shimmer. I thought that it was going to be similar to Benefit Coralista, but Coralista has more coral blended into it than peach.

 I don't know if you can tell that there are gold sparkles seen in the pan, but not to worry as this one does not really transfer to the face. It leaves a golden sheen that is very minimal but when it hits the light its very pretty. You don't have to pack the color as this blush is very pigmented. You need about 2 dips for each cheek and that is it. This blush lasted for about 5-6 hours on me with slight fading after about 4 hours, but the color that it gives you when it fades is like you are blushing from within.

left: heavy swatch, right: blended swatch

2. Deep Throat Lipgloss

The included lipgloss is specifically to this set only. The lipgloss color is a bit different from the blush because it has more pink to it than peach and it is slightly darker. It also has a golden sheen to it. It is not as sticky as a MAC lipglass and it definitely lasts longer. It has a semi-sheer formula, meaning the color still shows through. The application is also a breeze, its super smooth and it lasted on my lips for about 4 hours without eating nor drinking. It has 7g of product and retails for $24 individually.

3. Sex Machine Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

I never had a lip pencil, much more a jumbo one so I was excited about this one too. I did not know how it feels, how it applies etc.

This is a pink-mauve color. It really looks more brown than mauve in the packaging, but when you swatch and wear it, the mauve-y-ness shines through. Even though they say that this is a matte product, there is still glitters in it. I mean this is not glossy, but still it has glitters. Hence the Velvet part, perhaps.

NARS says that the Sex Machine Velvet Matte lip pencil has the application of a lipstick with the convenience of a pencil. They were right. It is a very convenient product because it is like putting crayon on you lips. You get a precise application too because it is a lip pencil but it feels like a lipstick. However, you can really tell that this product is expensive because for $24, you get 2.4g of product. Boom.

left: sex machine velvet matte lip pencil
right: deep throat lipgloss

bare lips

deep throat lipgloss

sex machine velvet matte lip pencil
Hope you enjoyed this post!

Jenica x

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