Monday, March 12, 2012

Clinique Bonus Time!

Oh yeah!

It's March and I guess it is time for another Clinique Bonus Time!

For a minimum purchase of 4,500PHP, you get a mini 3 step system (number 3), a Moisture Surge which is good moisturizer for dry spots/skin, All About Eyes, an eye cream which I am dying to try and a mini Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 lipgloss. PLUS an absolutely delightful mini pouch!

The promo runs from March 12 to March 31 in Clinique counters in the Philippines.

The pouch is so cute I can't wait.

Jenica x

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Want List Wednesday #7: Betsey Johnson for Sephora by OPI

Knowing Betsey Johnson's designs, this collection screams fun, loud and pink!

This collaboration with Sephora by OPI includes seven full sized nail polishes, a six piece mini nail polish set, fun nail designs and trend tips.

Top Row L-R: Forever Wild, Pushing your Luck, Its My Pink!, Sparkling Personality
Bottom Row L-R: Alley Cat, Cartwheels on the Catwalk, XOX Betsey

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

High End vs. Low End: Blotting Papers

I KNOW THAT I HAVE BEEN MIA FOR 2 MONTHS. I am truly sorry for that, but don't worry I am back on track!

Its around midnight now while I'm writing this and I might probably finish this in the morning. I am currently downloading Glee songs on Tap Tap Glee that are included in the promo. It is for free so why not wait a little longer before going to sleep eh?

Anyway I have here another set of products to compare which are blotting papers. (just in case you did not already know from the title which has a very minuscule chance from happening)

The two brands that will go head to head are the Tatcha Japanese Blotting Papers and the very famous Clean and Clear Oil Blotting Sheets.

First of all, I know that they are made from different materials, one being made with paper and the other one with plastic.

Well, let's break it down one at a time.

Clean and Clear:

"Instantly remove excess oil. Won't smudge makeup.  Softer than paper, these silky sheets leave your skin feeling refreshed by instantly removing excess oil and shine from your face, without smudging makeup or leaving behind powder."

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Want List Wednesday #7: My Christmas Wishlist

I am so sorry for practically being nonexistent for more than a month. I have just been occupied with school and refocusing on my priorities.

Anyhoo, Christmas is just two weeks away and I think it is about time that I share with you what I want for Christmas.  You can share yours too and I might find something good!

1. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

- I still don't have the first one and I already want the next! This feels like the most awaited sequel since Sherlock Holmes. It has a black color added to it for the smokey eye or to serve as a liner. Again, like with the release of the first which was I believe two years ago, it is sold out by the second. It is currently available at

2. Clarisonic Mia 2

-Continuing on with the sequels, here is a better Clarisonic. It has a pulse timer to let you know that your 60 seconds is up and has 2 speeds to cater your needs. I've always wondered why the original Mia's price was lowered to $119, and this answers my question. 

3. Clinique Better, Brighter Skin ($70 Value)
-This set is from Sephora. I have been experiencing post-acne spots and I thought this might help in achieving an even skin tone. This set is really a good value because it has a full size Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector plus a couple other items and a free bag.

Well, I only want one item. I have been really into the musical Wicked lately, even though I haven't seen it yet. I have watched countless videos on Youtube and I am endlessly listening to the soundtrack and I am hooked. So I wanted to read the original novel by Gregory Maguire.

Excited for Christmas! Although I might just get one item and that is the book. Well, its still nice to have a wishlist. What's on your wishlist?

Jenica x

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Want List Wednesday # 6: Benefit's Hervana Blush

In line with Benefit Cosmetics's launch here in the Philippines which is next month btw, I have recently found out that they have a new blush coming out this February 2012! I know it is still too far from that date but you'll never know because of how fast time flies!

Without further ado, I introduce you to Hervana!

I would like to think of it as Sugarbomb's baby sister. It is also a combination of 4 colors namely shell, peach, rose and berry to create that heavenly flush of enlightenment as what Benefit describes it.

It is housed in a purple box with clouds  and rays of the sun on it, along with a halo on top of the name! It also says good karma in the front so I guess this color will make you feel heavenly while applying it.

This will look great either applied together or individually.

Look at the promo! So cute!

Can't wait for February!

Jenica x

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