Tuesday, February 21, 2012

High End vs. Low End: Blotting Papers

I KNOW THAT I HAVE BEEN MIA FOR 2 MONTHS. I am truly sorry for that, but don't worry I am back on track!

Its around midnight now while I'm writing this and I might probably finish this in the morning. I am currently downloading Glee songs on Tap Tap Glee that are included in the promo. It is for free so why not wait a little longer before going to sleep eh?

Anyway I have here another set of products to compare which are blotting papers. (just in case you did not already know from the title which has a very minuscule chance from happening)

The two brands that will go head to head are the Tatcha Japanese Blotting Papers and the very famous Clean and Clear Oil Blotting Sheets.

First of all, I know that they are made from different materials, one being made with paper and the other one with plastic.

Well, let's break it down one at a time.

Clean and Clear:

"Instantly remove excess oil. Won't smudge makeup.  Softer than paper, these silky sheets leave your skin feeling refreshed by instantly removing excess oil and shine from your face, without smudging makeup or leaving behind powder."

My Thoughts:
It is cheaper compared to the other one as it costs only 110 PHP if I am not mistaken. Plus it does the job, takes the oil from my face completely but I find that I have to use another sheet given the oily face that I have. Well, if you have combination skin, this may do the work for you. It does not smudge makeup too.


"All-natural leaflets which absorb excess oil without disturbing makeup for petal fresh skin anytime, anywhere. Will not steal moisture from the skin or disturb makeup. Powder-free.  Fragrance-free.  Pulp-free."
My Thoughts:
Well, this is quite expensive, it costs more than 500 PHP. It is handmade in Japan and it has gold flakes in it I thought that the gold flakes does not do anything about the oil, but I also thought that it made a great design! One thing that I noticed compared to the Clean and Clear one is that it is bigger in size and therefore more accommodating to oily skinned people like me. Another plus is that it is biodegradable as it is paper.

Tatcha Beauty Paper: Top
Clean and Clear Oil Control Film: Bottom
This is a picture of how it looks like after use. (I know it's gross) See how the Tatcha one has gold flakes on them?


They both have flaps for closure but the main difference is that the Clean and Clear has a tape on the top so that the film will hold on to it and you don't have to pick it up and get double sheets. But the problem is, more than one film gets stuck on the tape, defeating the purpose of it anyways.

Overall, I think they are both great and it is just a matter of choice between your  budget and the environment. Let's leave it at that.

Jenica x

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