Friday, June 24, 2011

Makeup Brands/Products That I Want To Try

I was inspired by MakeupSavvy to do this. If you want to see her version, then click here.

I haven't tried that many products to be honest because I have been really into cosmetics about a year ago, which makes me sort of a newbie. I mainly use drugstore brands and I have just started expanding my horizon into the more high end ones.

If you want to know what they are, continue on.

Well first of all, this brand is not available here. I have heard so much about this brand and I really really want to try it. They are also cruelty free, which is always a plus.
1. Eyeshadow Primer Potion- I have mentioned quite a few times that I don't wear eyeshadow except for special occasions. So, I want to try this to make those times that I wear it more meaningful. It promises to make your eyeshadow last longer and I sure hope they do in this tropical weather.
2. NAKED Palette- This is what I would totally buy, if I were to buy eyeshadow. I mean its literally all you need.
3. 24/7 Eye Pencils- I love that it has lots of colors and its proven to be long lasting.

I really want to try her brand because she is known for products that promote natural beauty.
1.Oil-free Tinted Moisturizer - This is just a recently released item. I want to try this because I heard that it already is at the top of the list of the best tinted moisturizers. Plus its a little less money than the Laura Mercier one.
2.Pot rouge- in the color Powder Pink, Pink Truffle and Cabo Coral. It is a cream blush that can also be a lip color. 
3.Long-Wear Eyeshadow and Gel Liner- In this tropical climate, I really need products that would stay all day. Maybe these are those ones.

This is another cruelty free brand, and I think they also have no parabens in their products.
1.Amazonian Clay Blush- it claims to last for 12 hours and has Amazonian Clay in it which is supposed to have skin benefits.

I know that this is a drugstore brand but I haven't tried anything from it.
1. mascara- Voluminous Million Lashes, Telescopic
2.Infallible lip colors- they claim to have 6-hour wear.

I have only tried their Colorburst lipstick, and I wanted to try more because I believe that this is one of the best drugstore brands
1. Just Bitten lip stain- this has a lip balm on the other end which is helpful to avoid dryness. 
2.Grow Luscious mascara- just cause its a mascara and it has the growing thing advertised.

This brand is not available here and it sucks.
1. Mascaras- they started their brand selling mascaras so I think that they got known for it.
2. Bronzer in Sunlight-a great matte bronzer

Vitalumiere Aqua-some said that this is the best foundation they have ever tried.

I think these ones are just great so I want to try them in general:
Makeup Forever

there's more but this post would take forever to finish. Maybe another time would do.

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  1. i want the NAKED palette too~ most gurus i follow on youtube are crazy about it. I frequently use neutral shadows to line my eyes SO I WANT IT. :))


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