Saturday, June 25, 2011

You Can Make It Through The Rain

I saw this picture of Katy Perry on People StyleWatch and thought umbrellas can be fun too. So I like to share some of the things I saw while looking for fun umbrellas to use in this rainy weather.

Seriously, who would even use this in public when it has the whopping price tag that could buy an island? (I was kidding.)

Burberry Umbrella- $150
When you see this pattern, you can always tell that its Burberry.

Hermes Umbrella-$460
This is just a plain old red one. I still can't believe its price.

Cath Kidston -£28
I love Cath Kidston's designs and this umbrella is so cute!

Kate Spade-$75
Kate Spade is one of my favorite designers(although I haven't bought anything from the brand) because I think that her designs suit my style.


for the postman
you'll never get lost

I'd love to have these cute umbrellas as I have a boring checkered one.

images source: polyvore

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