Sunday, July 10, 2011

Skincare Brands/Products That I Want To Try

This is to continue my list of things that I want to try. Last time, I posted about cosmetic brands, and now I want to share with you what I want to try in the skincare department.

Elemis Freshskin
This range is targeted for teenagers up to people who are in their 20s. I know Elemis is an expensive brand but I think they lowered their prices a bit for this range. Elemis is very popular in Europe but I think its not available locally.

Dermalogica Clean Start
Clean Start is a teen skincare range. It has different colors for every product which sucks me in. I think. since its a teenage range, it would help my breakout prone skin.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple
Everybody seems to rave about this particular product. Its a cream cleanser and it claims to take off your makeup and clean your skin too. 

Clinique 3 Step System
This is the one that I really really want to try because everybody seems to use it and it works for them. I actually ordered a small, kind of sample sized kit already and I can't wait to use it! I just have to get it from my friend and I'm ready to go. Maybe I'll do a haul and review this too.

These are my most wanted skincare brands as of the moment. Keep posted to see more, I smell a haul coming! 

Jenica x

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