Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Twitter Skirt

You can clearly say from my title that I have the love for Twitter recently. I just spend more time on it now than Facebook,  to be honest. I will admit that I thought it was corny at first, so I did not sign up until early this year, I think. Now, it has completely gotten my attention and I think it is really cool. So in honor of my appreciation for Twitter, I got this skirt.

Its a navy blue color with a red orange color at the bottom.  It has button detailing at the front and it has pockets, although those pockets are more for design reasons and not for functionality as it is not that deep. Then, the skirt has birds all over.

I wasn't really looking for a Twitter skirt, I was just out shopping with my friend after watching Captain America which I also did a post on if you want to read it. I went in at Promod because they were on sale. I was looking through the rack when I saw it and I feel that it was meant to be cause it was in  my size! I thought that it was a cute skirt with birds, she thought that it was a Twitter skirt, and I was like yeah it is! The great part about it is that I got it at a 70% discount! How cool is that?

So here is the back part of the skirt.

Have a great Sunday,
Jenica x

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