Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Shows To Watch

The US shows that I have been watching just came back for their newest seasons. I am very excited for them because I have been waiting for months! Some of them are the usual: Gossip Girl, Glee, 90210, TVD, Grey's Anatomy, Parenthood etc. I have also been watching Pretty Little Liars that already had their mid-season finale, and The Lying Game. Now, there are a few new shows that launched and I want to share with you which ones I think is worth watching (in my opinion).

Take note that I am not into crime shows, or ones that have a scary plot (I hesitated on watching TVD at first because of the vampire thing).

Here we go:

1. The Secret Circle

This is a show based on the book of the same title by L.J. Smith, who also wrote The Vampire Diaries. Again, I had second thoughts of watching this because I am a self-admitted scaredy-cat. It is a story of a teenager named Cassie who moved to the fictional town of Chance Harbor, Washington after her mother's death. She discovers that she belongs to a family of witches, and I think that is how far I would go. I might give in to the temptation of adding spoilers if I go on.

I think it is a great show, and it is worth watching.

2. 2 Broke Girls

Honestly, I did not know the whole story of this one before watching it. I got interested because of the title. You know, its about broke people, so I was easily drawn to the show.

This is a sitcom of two girls, who are waitresses in a diner in Brooklyn. It stars Kat Dennings (isn't she familiar? I saw her profile and learned that she was in Raise Your Voice and Thor) who plays Max, from a poor working class family and Beth Behrs who plays Caroline, an heiress from the Upper Eat Side.

I thought it was interesting and funny. Let's see the next episodes. 

3. New Girl

Yet another sitcom. This one stars Zooey Deschanel from 500 Days of Summer. Her character tries to move on from her recent breakup and moves in with 3 single guys. They try to help her learn about love, life and everything else. I haven't watched this one, but I watched the previews and think that this is a great show.

This next one is not yet aired, it soon will be on September 26th.

4. Hart of Dixie

This stars Rachel Bilson, from The OC, which is why I like to watch it in the first place.  She plays Dr. Zoe Hart, a topnotch surgeon, who moves to Alabama when she inherits a local medical practice. E! Online says that this show is like the old WB shows. I mean I love Gilmore Girls so I think I will love this one too.

I am so happy that I have new show to watch again! I just hope that I can balance my studies and not get too glued into this shows.

Jenica x

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