Sunday, August 7, 2011

2011 Fall Trends

Hope you are having a great Sunday.

The summer season is almost over, (well not in my country because its tropical) and what better way to welcome it than having these latest trends in your pocket?

1. Smoky Metallic Eyes

Goodbye good 'ol classic black smoky eye. Metallic shadow is the way to go this season. It brings a fun twist to the classic smoky eye which makes it a little more modern if I may say so.

2. Dramatic Lashes

Summer is all about the natural look = minimal makeup. Well, that is not for long since dramatic, voluminous lashes are back. Two to three coats of your favorite mascara will do the trick, but if you want more glamour, putting on false eyelashes woould give you more drama.

3. Matte Lips
Lip glosses might be on holiday as matte lips are the thing. Wine/burgundy shades are prominent on the runway if you are looking for a particular shade.

4. Glossy Lids

On second thought, lip gloss might have a second purpose: for the lids. Well, clear lipgloss at least. Vaseline will do if you don't like clear lipgloss. Just put the Vaseline over the shadow for that glossy look.

5. Defined Brows

For those with sparse brows like I do, we may want to fill those gaps in as strong brows are a must this season.

6. Gold Liner

If you don't fancy metallics on yor eyes, you can still go with the trend by using a metallic liner. Gold is the most used shade on the fashion shows and might be the one for you.

Hope this guide helps you on what's in this fall season.

Jenica x

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