Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beauty Inspiration: Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter

Ever since watching Captain America a few weeks ago, I became somewhat obsessed with the matte red lips that Hayley Atwell's character is wearing throughout the movie. It really looks great on her. I have been ditching my lipglosses for a while and sticking to lipsticks, but I don't do a red lip cause I feel that it's inappropriate for school so I stick to more of lip stains. This look would really be great for night outs or for a special event.
To recreate Peggy Carter's lip look:

  • First, you must have soft and moisturized lips. You don't want to have dry patches appearing. Exfoliate using  a lip scrub, or you can just use a toothbrush. Afterwards, use a lip balm to keep your lips feeling soft and smooth.
  • Next is to choose your color. There are different types of reds and choose what is most appropriate for your skin tone.

  • Line your lips with a lip liner. This step is optional but it keeps the lipstick from bleeding and going out the edges of your lips

  • Apply your lipstick carefully, making sure that it is a precise application. Any mistake in application can be seen because it is a really bold color. Use a lip brush if you must.

  • The last step is to smile and have confidence! This will really make you look fabulous along with your fabulous lips!

And now you have Peggy Carter's lip look!
Hope that's helpful.

Jenica x

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