Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blend With The Trend: Polka Dots for Fall

Say goodbye to stripes as polka dot is the new pattern for Fall 2011. This trend is seen all throughout the runway, including Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg.

You can wear it anyway you like, be it all over or just an accent to an already beautiful ensemble. I personally like polka dots and wear it whenever I feel like it. Good thing that it is very in mode this fall.

Here are some tips on wearing this trend:

1. Wear it as a shirt/blouse. You can go big or small on the dots depending on what the occasion is or what you personally prefer. For those who are a little skeptical, you can opt for smaller polka dots. The fine dots will also be more appropriate for work or school.

I recommend:

2. Wear it as a dress. You can totally look fabulous like Emma Watson or Taylor Swift while following the trend. It really shows your feminine and trendy side at the same time.

I recommend:

  • Forever 21 dress- this is made with a lightweight material so you can layer over it and it has small dots. This is perfect for a dinner at a fancy restaurant or an event that calls for something more dressy than a shirt and pants.
  • Forever 21Polka dot and lace dress- this combines the polka dot and the lace trend which is also in for fall. 

3. Wear it as an accessory. Belts, jewelry, shoes and bags are in the more minimalistic side of carrying the trend.
I recommend:

Hope this helps a lot during the Fall fashion season.

Jenica x

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